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I currently teach the following courses at Lund Univerity:
LOGA22, part 1: Talproduktion och taltranskription (Logopedi) (Speech Production and phonetic transcription for Speech and Language Pathology (SLP) students) 
AUDA29: Audiologisk grundkurs II: Moment Fonetik (Audiologi) (Phonetics for Audiology students)
LOGA22, part 2: Talets akustik och perception, Rösten (Logopedi) (Speech Acoustics and Perception, The Voice for SLP students)
LOGA38: Phonological Development for SLP students

Educational material:
• Taltranskription för logopeder (Phonetic Transcription for Speech Therapists)
Excercises (in Swedish): Transkriptionsövningar
• Taltranskription för svenska (Phonetic Transcription of Swedish for Speech Therapists): Web lectures (screencasts)
• Talets akustik och perception för logopeder (The Acoustics and Perception of Speech for Speech Pathology Students): Web lectures (screencasts)
•  Rösten (The Voice for Speech Pathology Students): Web lectures (screencatsts)
• Handledning till akustisk analys av tal i Praat (Acoustic Analysis of Speech with Praat) [PraatHandledning.pdf, PraatHandledningFacit.pdf]. Soundfiles for these exercises can be found here: [].
•Digitalisation and optimisation of sound with Audacity: a tutorial (in Swedish) [audacityguide.pdf] (by Victoria Johansson)

Short tutorials (in Swedish):
• Say after Me: A short manual and tutorial [sayafterme_eng.pdf]
(Say after Me is a web-based program for pronunciation training developed
by Johan Dahl in collaboration with Marita Ljungqvist and myself.)
• Liten handledning till ljudinspelning med Audacity i Humanistlabbets dialogbås [dialogbaas.pdf]
• DAT-överföring i Humanistlaboratoriets digitaliseringsrum [dat_oeverfoering.pdf]
• Liten handledning till HP Scanjet 8300: Hur man skannar i Humanistlabbets digitaliseringsrum [skannerhandledning.pdf]

Division of Logopedics, Phoniatrics, and Audiology
Clinical Sciences Lund, Lund University
SE-221 85 Lund, Sweden

E-mail: susanne.schotz–at–