Johan Frid

Researcher, Lund University Humanities Lab.

  • PhD in phonetics, work with speech and language technology
  • Sysadmin of the Humanities Lab’s archive server
  • Local coordinator and expert in the Swe-Clarin infrastructure
  • Developer of ScriptLog, a tool for studying the writing process
  • I assist researchers with implementing and running tools for analysing data
  • I (co-)manage the anechoic chamber and the articulograph

PhD in 2003, thesis: 'Lexical and Acoustic Modelling of Swedish Prosody'.

LU Research portal page with official information and contact info. These are my personal pages. They are organized in a single-user wiki with blog-like features. More.

I program (mainly) in python, bash/awk, java, javascript, php, Praat script and R. More

For a list of web-based demonstrations, please see my Portfolio.