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Johan Frid

Johan Frid

Programmer and data analyst, researcher in language and speech technology. Local coordinator and expert in Swe-Clarin. Employed at Lund University Humanities Lab. Ph. D. in 2003. Title of thesis: 'Lexical and Acoustic Modelling of Swedish Prosody'.

Official page with contact info. These are my personal pages. They are organized in a single-user wiki with blog-like features. More.

I work primarily with

  • articulography; collection and analysis of speech production data
  • prosody, especially speech melody
  • text-to-speech synthesis
  • data analysis and machine learning
  • automatic analysis of text and corpora
  • production of computer tools for data processing, demonstrations and educational purposes

I am the main programmer of ScriptLog, a tool for data collection in writing research.

I program (mainly) in python, java, javascript, php, Praat script and R. More

For a list of web-based demonstrations, please see my Portfolio.

This wiki is organized in groups. Here's a list (in alphabetical order):

AG500› ‹Aligning› ‹Android› ‹Archives› ‹Avconv› ‹Blender› ‹Blog› ‹Cplus› ‹EnA4› ‹Fityk› ‹Fupro› ‹Gs› ‹Hacks› ‹Haxe› ‹Humlab› ‹Java› ‹JQuery› ‹Lexconv?› ‹Linux› ‹Lsa› ‹Lunarc› ‹Lundic› ‹Main› ‹Matlab› ‹Mplayer› ‹NetBeans› ‹Old› ‹OpenGL› ‹Palt› ‹PerSynt› ‹Php› ‹PmWiki› ‹Portfolio› ‹Praat› ‹Presentations› ‹Profiles› ‹Project1› ‹Project2› ‹Project3› ‹Project6› ‹Project8› ‹Project9› ‹Projects› ‹Prosody?› ‹Python› ‹Qt› ‹R› ‹Research› ‹Scheme› ‹ScriptLog› ‹Shell› ‹Site› ‹Subversion› ‹Swe-Clarin› ‹Swedia› ‹SwediaFormants› ‹Synthesis› ‹TabNerdery› ‹TclTk› ‹Unix› ‹VAD› ‹Vim› ‹Vokart› ‹Xubuntu

Quicklinks for software I use:

NetBeans· Nltk· Vi· R· Ubuntu· Gimp· Praat· Opera Desktop· Blender· Festival· Fityk· Qt

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